September 12, 2010

UM Canes and Ronald McDonald

Despite the dazzling display of team spirit by Pearl and Zoe...and these four good-looking UM alums (Nick, Jonathan, Alex, and Patrick),
the Canes lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes 24-36. Meanwhile...
I was introducing Ronald McDonald at the Lantana Branch Library. The program attracted an enthusiastic crowd of 150 (kids and parents)! That's why my eyes are closed, my shoulders are slumped, and I'm smiling with relief that the program was over! I'm standing next to Anderson the library security guard and one of the hardworking student shelvers. Ronald was promoting National Library Card Sign-Up month. I'm sure we processed at least 50 library card applications yesterday and handed out lots of coupons for free McDonald's Apple Dippers. In the lower right corner you can glimpse this cute little girl who was jumping into every photo she could! Just like those Obama party-crashers!

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