October 25, 2010

Gardens Branch Library Grand Reopening

To my family and friends,
This post is long overdue so please forgive me. I think I have a valid excuse though - the library's grand reopening! (Click on this link to see all the photos on the library's Facebook page.) Three weeks before the celebration, our large staff was shelving and organizing and re-shelving cart after cart of books! I'm so grateful to be assigned to this branch which is the largest in the county - and, best of all, closest to my home (11 minutes)!As you can see, the children's space is whimsical and follows the "Gardens" theme with flowers, leaves, and frogs. The design team selected soft yellows and blues for the walls and there is an abundance of natural light from all the many windows!
In addition to the physical preparation before the October 9th opening date, there were programs to plan for. These photos are from our Boys, Books and Building program for ages 6-8. Each week we introduce a building concept through fiction and nonfiction titles. Then we invite the children to design their structures. Their parents can't resist pitching in to assist their little engineers. In this first photo, they are constructing suspension bridges after we talked about the Brooklyn Bridge and the new bridge near the Hoover Dam.
This photo is from the first meeting and the four attendees designed towering skyscrapers. As you can see, word soon spread and the program grew from 4 children (below) to 18 (above)!

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