November 26, 2010

Being Together is the Best Gift of All

Our happy group as we gathered to have lunch together before Jenn, Dan, Kristen, and Mom headed back up north. Jenn and Dan treated us to lunch at the Port Orleans Resort in Disney World. Where else would all the holiday decorations look so magical the day right after Thanksgiving?

 It was just on Sunday November 21st when we met everyone in Orlando to gather up mom 
and bring her to Palm Beach Gardens. 
 It had been waaaaaaayyyyy toooooo long since I last saw my pretty little sister Jenn! 
Can't you just tell we are daughters of the same beautiful mother?
The Thanksgiving table was set with our traditional Publix pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, lovely Evesham china from my mom-in-law Margaret, and elegant silverware and a hand-crocheted tablecloth from Sam's grandmother Louise Robinson Craig.
We were SO thrilled to have a surprise guest - our fabulous niece Kristen!
 Our feast included a 12 lb. turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, apple pie...and two still-growing boys!
Naturally, Sam was the Head Chef for this amazing meal!

Of course, Pearl felt as if she deserved a place at this table, too!
"In everything give thanks." 

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lisa said...

Oh everyone is having a great Thanksgiving. Marianne, your niece looks like Reese Witherspoon!