March 27, 2012

Colorado Skiing

Our last full day in Colorado found us waking up early to hit the trails...cross-country skiing trails! Our three young snowboarders (Bianca, her brother Michael, and Nicholas) were willing to set aside their downhill desires for a cross-country ski outing with me and Sam. I've been dreaming for a long time of learning to cross-country ski and Nicholas and Bianca made it happen. And in Vail, no less!

The view from the Eagle Bahn Gondola looking down at the resort village of Vail
 clearly shows the dry brown mountains with just patches or a dusting of snow.
However, the views from the new 5K Nordic Track at Eagles Neck were spectacular!
Once we learned our diagonal stride, wedge turns, kick turns, and sidesteps, 
Sam and I were set to compete in a friendly race.

On the journey home from Vail, we passed by this large herd of bison (buffalo) 
at Lookout Mountain Park. Nearby was the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave.

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