August 2, 2010

My sweet friend Dianna gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card for my birthday, which I swiftly took to the store to buy this!

After browsing through the photos of cute little sock critters, I finally had some time yesterday to create one. I discovered a Juicy Couture pink-striped sock on clearance at Marshall's for $3.00 and bought fiberfill on sale at Michaels. Sewing offers such immediate results. Here is my little penguin!

One of the most enjoyable parts of my crafternoon was digging through my button tin. I have such great memories of sifting through my mom's button tin which she kept in the cellar. I used to love the feel and sound of the buttons in my hands and the pleasure of sorting them out on the carpet. I still do!

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theresa deakins said...

dear friend,
What a great idea, i just started a networkingpage for my friends and past clients so I will invite you when I am ready. I did not know you ere so creative and sewed. Matt's wife-amanda sews and sells her childrens clothes on etsy and in a philly boutique. Hope the men are all well and the little girls are keeping you busy. I will let you know if we get to hilton head in the fall. the kids moved last week. hope to spend some longer time with you next time. my wek at the beach with rita is next week so looking forward to that. take care . miss you. theresa