August 18, 2010

"School days, school days, dear old Golden Rule days!" The first day of school here in Palm Beach County was yesterday. My niece and nephew (who is a senior!) begin school next week in Pennsylvania. This is my first grade school photo when I was a "pupil" (talk about an old-fashioned term) at J.W. Alexander School in Hamilton Township, Mercer County, New Jersey. The school year was 1965-1966 and my teacher's name was Miss Parry.

My thoughtful mom, of course, saved my 1st grade report card. I was marked "satisfactory" in all my subjects and the teacher commented that I was a "good worker" and my papers were "always very nice and neat." Each marking period, however, she pointed out that I was "quiet" and "withdrawn" and repeatedly wished that I would "participate more!"

I'm still not much of a "joiner," Miss Parry, but I do have a more flattering hairstyle these days!


lisa said...

Oh,what a cutie!!!!
And yes Marianne, you do have a nice "do" these days!!

Elizabeth said...

I love this picture! You are so cute! If Miss Parry could see you know - she would be so proud of you!
I Love you! Your sister, Liz

libwrkr said...

You were adorable and haven't changed a bit!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mare - this is your Mother - Your picture is really sweet and by the way I styled your hair for this photo and you look really cute.
Love you - God bless you,
Your Mom