August 15, 2010

Twenty-nine years ago today this 22-year-old bride married the man of her dreams! After a four-year long-distance courtship, Sam and I said our "I do's" in Holy Family Church (Newark, DE) on August 15, 1981.
For twenty-nine years, we've been blessed with the love of our families, our friends, and the nurturing of our Holy Family community that was a significant part of our family's life for all our years in Delaware.
With a $99.00 bridal gown and a borrowed wedding veil, my friend and maid-of-honor Charlene helped style my hair in the ladies restroom of the church. My dad walked me down the aisle to John Denver's "Annie's Song". With my brother Joseph as an altar server, and my sister Jenn as flower girl, Fr. Drobinski married us in a simple, lovely ceremony. It truly was a family affair with Sam's brother Jim taking all of our wedding day photos.

Two handsome sons later, we truly have so much to be thankful for!


The Quilted Librarian said...

The happiest of anniversaries to you both. Thanks for sharing you great photos of your wedding.

NlPilchard said...

Oh how I enjoyed the photos!!!!!!!!!
Happy Anniversary Sam and Marianne.
Love Lisa

Eacheson said...

LOVE the pics! You look so beautiful (and still do!)
Happy anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics!

Betty said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

I love the wedding photos. I have never seen them before and wasn't able to be at your wedding so they are really special.Thanks for sharing, Auntie